2. Millions thought Obama would bring home the troops, wind down the wars, stop killing so many civilians, and save money while he was at it. Sadly, the murder rampage continues without interruption, only with a greater emphasis on picking on some nations rather than others and a different rhetorical cloak to obscure the evil of the slaughter. Hawks decry Obama as a pacifist who hates American power and doves often praise him for being more thoughtful than his reckless warmongering predecessor. The only real question is which dishonest characterization is the greater obscenity.
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    [I]n most things that matter, Obama is not even Bush-lite: he’s more like Bush-plus. I’m not questioning his moral intent, but simply looking around me at new wars, continuation of laws that remove Americans’ basic rights, mass transfer of wealth from the working man to the large subsidized groups, including financial corporations and unions, that fund the old political game.

    The old, tired, self-defeating left-right paradigm of American politics is about two teams that want to shape the world in one way or another, but both sharing the desire to impose their view on others, and both, therefore, with an interest in maintaining those fundamental aspects of the modern political settlement that allow politicians and their favored institutions to operate outside the most basic confines of the Constitution that was supposed to make the USA a Republic that protects life, liberty and property of all individuals.
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but seriously fuck BOTH!




    but seriously fuck BOTH!


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    If you don’t believe that Obama is every bit the warmonger that was Bush was, if not more so, I want some of that good shit that you’ve been smoking…