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    if ur parentals ever tell u ya too immature to find love just tell them that this woman


    got married to this man


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    Cheer up Aaron. Cheer up

    Cheer up Aaron. Cheer up

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    Well this escalated to unexpected heights

    Oh my gosh.

    I am fucking crying.

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  4. deerhoof:

    the future is here and it’s horrible

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    Tumbler be like: why isn’t there platonic anal fingering????!!?! (uwu) friendly reminder it’s okay to lick a friends ass hole!!!

    That’s what I say

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Mike Tyson dodges 7 punches and delivers the KO

That is beautiful 


    Mike Tyson dodges 7 punches and delivers the KO

    That is beautiful 

  7. martial arts or the practice of martial arts is why i’m as sane as i am

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  9. That’s not the point??

    I have all this social media stuff in hope of meeting people who don’t suck and have a mind that’s compatible with mine. To this day I’ve met-met (irl met) 1 of my online people and we’ve become friends but no. This really hasn’t expanded my pool of friends at all. 

    Social media. You a lie


    While looking at tumblr porn (on my phone) just because I can (& I do it every so often), as I’m scrolling through posts a picture animates & flies up towards the upper left hand corner of my screen. I’m all like “did I just accidentally reblog the dirty, nasty sexual shit I like looking at for all my followers to see!!!??” 

    Then, I go check my blog & nothing’s there…then, my heart skipped a beat, & I’m like….”holy shit! did I just reblog that shit to my music lesson blog!!??”

    But no. Nothing reblogged.